The first semester of AP European History has taken us through four major centuries.

During the 15th-18th centuries, the foundations of modern Europe were laid. It is during these centuries that the countries of Europe shook off their medieval past and began to dominate global affairs.
In the following pages, each group has been given a century to thoroughly re-investigate and make come alive.
The rough draft due date is January 19th - this means that the page should be complete - Mrs. Cullen will just suggest minor changes (hopefully).
As of January 26th - we'll say HIGH NOON - the page is DONE! No more additions or corrections can be made.
If each group takes this project seriously and puts a determined effort into it, these pages become phenomenal study tools for the midterm exam and the AP European exam in May.
Obviously it is important that your information is clear, concise, and well-organized for everyone to follow.
Good luck!